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Animal Aid

Focusing on the pet....

I kissed a bully.....

...and I liked it

February is Dental Month

Pets need dental care too

  • Check out our pets for adoption....
  • Flea & tick prevention is important for your pet
  • Is your pet on heartworm prevention?
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Goals & Projects ~

  • “Miss Daisy’s Pet Food Pantry” fulfills a temporary need in helping make sure no pet goes hungry.  Miss Daisy’s Pantry is stocked by the loving contributions of family, friends and folks from the community.  Donations are always accepted and much appreciated.
  • JJ’s Fund provides assistance for disabled pets, such as ramps, steps and wheelchairs.

Animal Aid hosts various fundraising events throughout the year to raise money to support these ongoing projects.  It is our ultimate goal to expand Animal Aid to include a Safe House & Adoption Facility.

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