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February is Dental Month

Pets need dental care too

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  • Flea & tick prevention is important for your pet
  • Is your pet on heartworm prevention?
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Are fleas a problem for your pet?  If not, count yourself as lucky!!  If they are, we have several great products to get your pet ‘flea-free’.   One of our new products, the Seresto collar, is an effective, reliable alternative to monthly flea and tick topicals.  The slow, continuous release of Seresto’s active ingredients kills and repels adult fleas, flea larvae, ticks and lice on dogs for up to eight months!  It is odorless, waterproof, and safe to use with your dog’s existing collar.  The Seresto collar is available for cats too and comes in three sizes.  Call or come by our clinic for more information.  We love them and we think you will too!


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