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Focusing on the pet....

I kissed a bully.....

...and I liked it

February is Dental Month

Pets need dental care too

  • Check out our pets for adoption....
  • Flea & tick prevention is important for your pet
  • Is your pet on heartworm prevention?
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Did you know that Animal Aid has a pet food pantry?  Thanks to the many generous donations of pet food and money to our pantry fund, Miss Daisy’s Pet Food Pantry became a reality.  The pantry is available to those individuals who qualify for Pet Assistance and enables them to receive one bag of pet food per month.  Our goal is to fulfill a temporary need to make sure no pet goes hungry.  We always welcome donations of food for kittens, puppies, cats & dogs.  Don’t want the hassle of buying food and transporting it to the clinic?  No problem!!!  We are happy to do your shopping for you.  Any and all monetary contributions are appreciated – just make a notation that it’s for the food pantry and we’ll take it from there!  Thanks to everyone who helps make this possible!!

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