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Animal Aid

Focusing on the pet....

I kissed a bully.....

...and I liked it

February is Dental Month

Pets need dental care too

  • Check out our pets for adoption....
  • Flea & tick prevention is important for your pet
  • Is your pet on heartworm prevention?
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Animal Aid is a full service veterinary hospital. We focus strongly on preventative care and education.   It is our belief that all pets receive the best care when the staff takes their time to educate the owners.

We offer low cost sterilization to the public. Our sliding fee scale is available to those who qualify under the guidelines.

If you are not part of the Pet Assistance Program (the sliding scale), the portion of your fees generally associated with “profit” goes to the care of less fortunate animals.  It is our ultimate goal to expand Animal Aid to include a Safe House & Adoption Facility.

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